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3 New Winco Portable Generators For Sale – Starting At $1,110

Why Choose Winco?

If you're not familiar with Winco Generators, you're missing out...

One of the top manufacturers on the market, Winco has been making generators since the late 1920's.

With dealers located all around the country for both sales and service inquiries, Winco is both a smart and safe pick for your next generator of choice.

Given the recent increase in inclimate weather like hurricanes and tropical storms, Winco will help keep your necessary electronics running to keep you afloat. Power your fridge, a few lights, your phone, and other necessary devices. Or choose a more powerful generator to power your tools on the jobsite. 


A Wide Variety

Winco doesn't just sell a standard generator either. You'll find a wide range of unique and powerful generators as well.



∙Prime Power

∙Transfer Switches

∙PTO/2 Bearing

Of the generators Winco creates, Contractors Supply has 'portable' generators in stock and ready to ship ASAP.


Models We Offer

Here at Contractors Supply LLC, we offer 3 Winco generator models from 3,000 watts all the way to 7,500 watts

DP3000/T - Lighter loads up to 600 lbs

DP5000/T-2 - Mediums loads up to 1,200 lbs

DP7500-03/A - Medium loads up to 1,200 lbs


DP3000/T Features And Review

Price: $1,110

One of the cheaper portable models you can purchase from Winco, the DP3000 features Honda GX160 engine that offers reliable and persistent power.

One of our favorite features on this bad boy is the 'low oil protection' which helps prevent engine damage. During the event that the engine is running low, the engine will actually shut itself off to prevent irreplaceable harm. Once you know, fill it back up with oil and you'll be right back on track.

And to prevent the generator from getting physically damaged, Winco installed a 14 gauge steel cradle to prevent bumps, bruises, and drops from hurting the machine.

Review: Overall this generator is extremely dependable and powerful for it's size and worth a consideration if you're not looking to go super large.


DP5000/T-2 Features And Review

Price: $1,700

Another Honda engine, this time larger in size (the GX270), and similar to the DP3000 engine, offers great reliability and long term performance.

However one addition that we love that differs this generator from others is the YourGen Meter which displays hours, RPMs, voltage, and frequency readings. And it can even verifies your load balance to make sure the generator runs as efficiently as possible. It will also include warnings when a levels are outside of normal ranges and when it's time for an oil change. These safety features and displays will aid you in getting the best out of your generator as well as prevent self-damage.

If you have delicate electronics and fear surges, fear no more. The DP5000/T-2 comes with 5% Total Harmonic Distortion, which allows it to safely run sensitive electronics (similar to an inverter).


DP7500-03/A Features And Review

Price: $2,100 

The largest of the portable generators we offer the DP7500 offers very similar features to it's 5000 watt sister, the only real difference is the power and engine size.

This portable generator puts out 7,500 watts of power on a Honda GX390 engine.

This generator also offers a YourGenMeter to help give you displays, safety readings, and running information. For longer run times, Winco added a larger 8 gallon fuel tank.

At 190 pounds, it is still light enough to be moved around job/construction sites with relative ease. If you're looking for more power and an industrial style generator without the oversized weight, the DP7500-03/A is the model you need.


How Long Do Winco Generators Last?

Most Winco Generators carry a 3 year warranty, so if you have any issues you can always take it up with Winco themselves.

However, the lifespan of your generator will depend entirely on how often you use it. It's estimated that if you run your generator around 100 hours per year, you can expect it to last between 10-20 years

But if you plan on using your Winco Generator on construction sites daily and don't give it the proper maintenance, you expect a much shorter lifetime.


What If I Need Parts Or Repair For My Winco Generator?

Winco and it's dealers offer service and support if you're in need or repair. Just bring your generator down to our showroom and we'd be happy to take a look at it.

If you're looking for parts, Winco can get you the right pieces. Be sure to check out this page for more information.


What Fuel Should Be Used?

If you're looking for the best out of your generator, we don't recommend putting regular gas. Leaving fuel pump gas with ethanol will just eat away at the engine if you let it sit for long periods of time.

We recommend VP pre-mixed small engine fuel which you can buy at our showroom here down in Stamford CT. Not only is it better for running your generator, but it will prevent long term damage as well.


Areas We Serve

If you're interested in purchasing a Winco portable generator, come down and visit our showroom located at  17 Viaduct Road, Stamford, CT 06907.

We service the entire area of New England:


Massachusetts (Boston Area)

New Hampshire


Rhode Island


Contractors Supply LLC For Winco Portable Generators

If you need a generator for an upcoming storm, give Winco a try, you won't be disappointed. We'll be happy to service you and your family during a time of need.

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Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions: (203) 323-3752

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