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Toro Proline Mower For Rent

For many people, renting a lawn mower — rather than going to the trouble of storing and maintaining one — can be a prudent choice. If you’re considering renting a lawn mower in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Contractors Supply has been helping customers rent top-quality mowers and lawn machines for more than 65 years. Our top-of-the-line mowers, such as the excellent Toro Proline Mower, mean that you have the convenience of a high-quality machine with the flexibility of a short-term rental.

Renting the Toro Proline Mower in Fairfield County, Connecticut

If you’ve been looking wondering, “Where can I find a Toro lawn mower dealer near me?”, Contractors Supply makes it easy. Our trusted company has been serving Fairfield County for more than 65 years. In that time, we have become known for our excellent services and top-notch lawn machines. Toro is just one of the excellent brands we offer, making it easier than ever to get your yard work done at home (or anywhere else!).

Why Choose the Toro Proline Mower?

The Toro Proline Mower is an all-wheel drive lawn mower that makes cutting your lawn a breeze. Walk-behind mowers have a reputation for being clunky and old-fashioned, but the Toro makes this stereotype fly right out the window. Its features make your mowing projects quick, easy, and highly effective.

Highlights of the Toro Proline Mower include:

High-power engine: The Toro Proline Mower features a powerful 603cc engine to make it able to handle your toughest mowing jobs. Durability: The mower’s durable construction makes it a high-quality, powerful tool that takes the effort out of your yard work. Precision cutting: The top-quality three-blade system has a 48-in. cutting width, making it possible to cover a huge amount of space in a short time.

Renting Options and Packages

We offer several options for renting the Toro Proline Mower. You can book the machine monthly, weekly, or daily if you have a short project to complete. Our rates are as follows:

Daily rental: $125

Weekly: $875

Monthly: $3800

We also offer drop-off and pickup services, so you don’t have to worry about transporting the mower yourself! You can also extend your rental period as long as the mower is not booked for another rental — just contact us to inquire. Renting Process Renting from us is an easy process. To get started, contact us directly. Our associates will collect your information — including your preferred rental period, driver’s license, and other identification — and arrange the details of dropping off and picking up. Feel free to ask any other questions at this time.

Benefits of Renting

So why should you rent a high-quality machine like a Toro Proline Mower instead of just buying it? There are many solid benefits to renting a Toro Proline Mower with a company like Contractors Supply!

Savings: A high-quality mower like the Toro Proline isn’t cheap. If you aren’t planning on using it frequently, it makes more sense to rent rather than buy. Shelling out big bucks for a mower you only need on occasion isn’t worth it. Renting puts that extra money back in your pocket!

Flexibility: We offer options to rent the Toro Proline Mower daily, weekly, or monthly, as well as giving the opportunity to extend your rental period. That makes it easy to tackle jobs of any size at your convenience.

High Quality: When you rent a Toro Proline Mower from us, you will get access to a top-of-the-line, professional-grade machine without the pressure of commitment. That means that if you decide it’s not a good fit for you, it’s no big deal — not to mention there is no hassle about storing or maintaining it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does it Cost to Rent The Toro Proline Mower?

Our rates are listed above, with options for daily, weekly, or monthly rental periods. We regularly run special offers, so make sure to inquire about these when you are booking your reservation!

Can I Reserve The Mower in Advance?

You can reserve any of our machines in advance, and we encourage you to do so to ensure that your desired dates are available. All you have to do is contact us to book your preferred rental period.

Is There a Minimum Rental Period?

Our minimum rental period requirement is one day, at a rate of $125.

Do You Offer Delivery And Pickup Services?

We aim to make the rental process as easy and convenient for you as possible. To this end, we offer delivery and pickup services. Our team will deliver the machine to your preferred address during the agreed-upon time, then collect it at the end of the rental period.

What Happens if The Mower Breaks Down During The Rental Period?

If you experience a serious issue with the mower during your rental, please reach out to us. We can advise you on what to do for repairs or, alternatively, replace it with another machine. We know that time is of the essence during machine rentals, so we strive to get a working mower for you as quickly as possible.

Is The Toro Proline Mower Easy to Operate?

The Toro Proline Mower is an intuitive, easy-to-operate machine that is ideal for almost anyone. If you need a few pointers, feel free to ask our customer service team or access the machine manual online.

Can I Rent Other Lawn Care Equipment From Your Company?

We have a wide variety of lawn care equipment available for rental, with many top brands and machine types. You can learn more about our other options at this link or by contacting us directly.

Are There Any Special Discounts or Promotions Available For Long-Term Rentals?

We regularly run specials for our customers, especially those who want to rent long-term. Contact us directly to learn about the offers available during your rental period.

Do I Need to Provide my Own Fuel or Maintenance For The Mower?

You will need to provide your own fuel for the machine during your rental period. While you may be responsible for basic maintenance, please contact us if the mower breaks or needs significant repair during your rental. We’ll help you get repairs or a replacement so that you can continue your work.

Answering Your Question “Toro Lawn Mower Near Me”

A Toro Proline Mower is one of the best options for keeping your lawn in great shape with a fraction of the work. If you are looking for a Toro Proline Mower rental in Fairfield County, Connecticut, Contractors Supply has everything you need for a smooth pickup or delivery. Contact us today to inquire about renting a Toro Proline Mower or with any questions you may have.