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Why Use Our Sweeper?

Here at Contractors Supply LLC, we carry the industrial workhorse of sweepers… the Tennant 6600

It is designed for cleaning a variety of surfaces like cement, pavement, parking lots/garages, floors and much more. The 6600 picks up all kinds of debris like glass, dust, and litter, leaving you with a new floor in no time.

And you don’t need flat surfaces either! The 6600 will climb up and down slopes making it extremely versatile.

If you’re on a site that needs maximum cleaning in a short period of time in the Stamford area, do not hesitate to give us a call.

How Much Does The Tennant 6600 Rent For?

  • Daily: $400

  • Weekly: $2000

  • Monthly: $6000

Benefits of Using a Sweeper

  • A sweeper can easily clean a large surface area of trash, glass, dust and debris in a short period of time saving hundreds of hours in manual labor work.

  • Sweeping up dust has also been shown to provide a safer environment and prevents allergens, germs and bacteria from building up.

Any Rules Regarding Renting Our Equipment?

Please return the sweeper in the same condition you received it prior to rental. Respect the machine during use and avoid causing damage.

Take the time to clean the sweeper and remove any and all debris.

If you don’t know how to use the equipment, please ask us before renting and we’d be happy to show you.