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Battery VS Electric VS Gas Differences in Prices

As newer leaf blower models have rolled out, we’ve seen a rise in both electric and battery powered products.

Regardless, it seems that customers enjoy the good old fashioned gas blowers (even though they aren’t as good for the environment.)

Gas blowers are by far the most powerful blowers you can purchase. Not to mention they run for much longer than some of these battery powered models.

All being said, you can expect a STIHL gas blower to cost you $200+ for handheld and upwards of $600 for professional backpack models.

For a battery powered blowers, the price varies much more. You can buy a cheaper, less powerful battery blower for as little as $120 but spend as much as $650 for top of the line models.

STIHL does not offer many electric blowers, but of the ones they do, they are not at all pricey at all. $140 is the most you can expect to spend on an electric STIHL leaf blower.

How Much Should I Pay for a Leaf Blower?

It depends on your budget and your job.

If you’re a licensed company who does garden and lawn care, you’re going to spend a lot more on a blower than a homeowner who routinely uses one once a week.

For contractors and garden care workers, spending $500 per blower is not uncommon. Look into a powerful BR 700X that retails for $549.

If you’re just a homeowners who only needs regular maintenance for your own property, spending $250 on a blower is perfectly in range.

8 Examples of Different STIHL Blowers With Prices



Retail Price: Around $230

Handheld blowers like the BG 66 L are generally the cheaper of the gas powered blowers.

The 66 offers a lower emission engine that won’t make too much noise, making it perfect for those quiet neighborhoods and noise sensitive areas.

It still offers ample blowing power to get your fall cleanup done and only weighs a mere 9.7 lbs.

Although this blower is classified as professional, it’s also perfect for any resident who doesn’t want to spend a fortune and just wants to tackle the Fall season with confidence.



Retail Price: Around $140

The perfect gas blower for homeowners who occasionally need to clean small properties, decks, and driveways.

Cheap and offers decent power, the BG 50 is fuel efficient and only weighs 8 pounds.

No need to go crazy, sometimes going with a simple blower like the 50 is the best option.

(This blower is not the best pick if you’re a professional landscaper/garden care worker)



Retail Price: $350

Now we’re going pro…

The BR 350 is a powerful professional backpack blower that will help your team quickly round up leaves on large properties.

Use it on ranches, farms, orchards, or large residential areas it doesn’t matter.

At only $350, it’s a steal considering that this blower offers anti-vibration technology for more comfort and control.

For a backpack blower it has great fuel efficiency and long lasting performance.

Maximum air velocity is over 200 mph, meaning you can round up pretty much anything in your path.



Retail Price: $650

The most powerful backpack blower in the STIHL product line, the BR 800 is a beast.

It doesn’t matter if it’s wet leaves, sticks, and small rocks, this blower will take care of it.

Easily handles large properties with an average air velocity of 199 mph and a max air velocity of 230 mph!

Compared to the powerful STIHL BR 700, the Magnum is 20% more powerful.

A multi-functional control handle gives you the perfect amount of wind force needed for the job. You can also hang the backpack for storage and turn the machine off with a press of a button.

Safe to say that this is by far the strongest and most impressive blower STIHL has to offer.



Retail Price: $199

The BGA 56 is one of the cheaper battery powered STIHL blowers you can buy.

At $199, it’s very reasonably priced.

Even better this blower only weighs a whopping 7 pounds.

It’s certainly not the most powerful blower, with a max air velocity of 121 mph, but it still works perfect for an easy and quick Spring clean up.

The run time will depend on the battery you purchase with the blower.

  • Ak 10 Battery ($70): Up to 9 minutes

  • Ak 20 Battery ($100): Up to 20 minutes

  • Ak 30 Battery ($130): Up to 30 minutes

The AK 10 battery only runs for a few minutes and probably won’t be a viable option if you have a large yard in need of cleanup. It retails for $70

The AK 20 is the more recommended battery for the job and retails for $100

Last but not least the AK 30 which gives you 30 minutes of run time retails for $130, and is best for those with large cleanups.

If you still need more run time, it’s a good idea to purchase multiple batteries so you can swap once your first battery dies.



Retail Price: Around $700

The most powerful battery powered blower of STIHL’s line, the BGA 100 was designed for professional landscapers in mind.

The 100 offers both power and portability in mind, with a max air velocity of 170 mph and weighing around 5.5lbs (weight will depend on the battery size)

Even most gas-powered models won’t stand a chance to the superiority of this blower.

Best part is, it’s the quietest blower in the STIHL lineup.

Run time will depend entirely on the battery you purchase and the power level you run with. (Yes, this blower offers different boost/air flow modes)

  • AP 100 Battery: Up to 21/11/7/7 minutes (level 1/2/3/boost mode)

  • AP 300 Battery: Up to 83/33/21/16 minutes (level 1/2/3/boost mode)(recommended combination)

  • AR 1000 Backpack Battery: Up to 225/95/60/45 minutes (level 1/2/3/boost mode)

  • AR 2000 Backpack Battery: Up to 300/130/80/60 minutes (level 1/2/3/boost mode)

  • AR 3000 Backpack Battery: Up to 395/160/100/75 minutes (level 1/2/3/boost mode)

Lots of battery options are available for the BGA 100. If you’re serious about leaf blowing, you should consider purchasing an ‘AR battery’ or ‘backpack battery’ which will extend your run time significantly.



Retail Price: Around $110

What’s so great about electric blowers is that they plug right in and you’re ready to go.

You don’t need to get dirty, mix oil, add gas/fuel. Super simple and convenient to use.

The best part is, you’ll never run out of power (unless you lose electricity), and they’re super quiet!

The issues that many find with electric blowers is the power and distance management (walking around with a cord).

Luckily, the BGE 61 is still powerful, with a max air velocity of 150 mph. And at only $110, this is a very good price!

If you don’t have enough range, you always add another extension cord.



Retail Price: Around $120

For $10 more, you get the BGE 71, which is everything from BGE 61 plus dual speed modes for different power options.

You can even convert this model into a vacuum by simply purchasing a STIHL Vacuum Kit.

If you’re interested in the vacuum kit by STIHLand how it works, check out the video below.