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Why Use a Handheld Pruner?

Pole pruning is exhausting work.

That’s why garden and landscape equipment manufacturers are now removing the ‘pole.’

When you’re not working on large branches 10 feet above ground, using a handheld pruner may be a better option.

Handheld pruners are great for lighter work on small branches/limbs, bushes, and shrubs,

Not to mention they’re also super lightweight and many come battery powered meaning no gas, no oil, and no cords.

That’s where the Stihl GTA 26 comes in.

A mix between a pole pruner and a mini chainsaw, this thing is a beast.

STIHL GTA 26 Specs

Small and compact, the GTA 26 offers:

  • Handheld and Cordless
  • 10.8V Rechargeable Battery
  • 3.5 lb Net Weight (With Battery)
  • Up to 25min Run Time
  • 4 in Guide Bar Length

  • Lithium-Ion Power Source

What We Like About the GTA 26

Cutting Performance


What it really comes down to…

How well does it cut?

While it is small, the GTA 26 is still a beast and cuts through branches and tree limbs with ease, getting the job done.

It also works well on many different types of wood.

But due to it’s size, it’s cutting performance is much better for on smaller diameter/sized wood and not large logs…

It’s Quiet

We all know that one annoying neighbor who likes to use his chainsaw, leafblower, or lawnmower at the most obnoxious time like 7am on a weekend…

Lucky for you, the GTA 26 won’t wake your neighbors up.

For such a powerful little machine, it’s quiet enough so that you don’t need to wear any ear protection.

Check out the vid below to see how quiet the GTA 26 really is!

The Safety Bar


Safety is always a top priority for any contractor, arborist, or homeowner.

The safety bar on the GTA 26 protects your hands, fingers, and limbs from getting cut and prevents serious injuries.

The best is the bar will adjust and move depending on the thickness of the wood your cutting, so you aren’t limit to cutting only twigs and sticks…

Battery Level Checker


Knowing how much ‘gas’ is left in the tank is essential for utilizing your time correctly.

The Stihl GTA 26 offers a simple and easy way so you know when it’s time to charge back up again.

Simply just press the button right next to the start up trigger to check your battery levels on your GTA 26.

What We Don’t Like

The Battery Life

This wouldn’t be an actual review if we didn’t talk about the negatives.

And yes the GTA 26 does have one negative… battery life.

Battery power seems to be growing among contractor equipment.

And while it’s good for the environment and all, many would argue battery power not compete as the same level as gas. Less usage time and less power are just a few of the issues.

And while the Stihl GTA 26 does offer great power, battery life and usage time isn’t up to par.

Stihl states you can use the GTA 26 for up to 25 minutes.

But others might not agree with that statement.

In fact, one YouTube video claims that the machine didn’t even last 10 minutes before dying on him.

From our experience, we were able to get about 15-20 minutes of run time.

What Comes in the Box?

  • STIHL GTA 26 with Mounted PM3 Saw Chain and Chain Guard
  • 10.8-V Battery AS 2
  • Battery Charger AL 1
  • 50 ml Bottle of Multi-Oil for Lubricating the Saw Chain
  • Carrying Bag

Final Stage

A one of a kind piece of equipment, the GTA 26 is extremely unique with very few equipment manufacturers offering such a tool.

Powerful and extremely well made, it’s fantastic for getting into those hard to reach places which are blocked by other branches and limbs.

Also a great way to cut up limbs of branches that you’ve already chopped off the tree.

While it’s not your straight up solution to pruning and felling large trees, it’s the perfect side accessory. 

The Robin to your Batman, the GTA 26 is an excellent tool to have on standby while you do normal pole pruning work.