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Rent Toro Lawn and Garden Machines in Fairfield County, Connecticut

If you have a lawn or garden project that you are working on, you need the best possible equipment to get it done. But often, it doesn’t make sense for you to buy your own machinery when rental options are available. If you are looking for Toro dealers in Fairfield County, Connecticut, look no further than Contractors Supply LLC. We offer some of the highest-quality machine rentals in the area, along with other services to make it easier than ever to complete your lawn and garden projects.

We have more than 65 years of experience in helping people complete their lawn and garden projects in the Stamford area. In the many decades since our start, we have earned a reputation as one of the best suppliers in the region. We can help you find the equipment you need to complete your project with high-quality brands such as Toro.

Why Choose Toro Lawn and Garden Machines?

So why should you choose Toro lawn and garden machines over other brands?

Toro has become known as a market-leading brand in the world of lawncare. Its machines such as walk-behind and riding mowers, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers are powerful and precise machines that help you cut your work time to a fraction.

Here are some of the other benefits of Toro lawn and garden machines:

Power: Toro offers a range of power options, including gas and electric. One consistency across the board, however, is that these machines are fitted with powerful, high-quality engines. That means that you get your work done quickly and effectively.

Precision: When you rent Toro machines, you’ll get to see firsthand the precision of their operation, from sharp, efficient blades to zero-point turning.

Ease of use: Toro might be professional-grade equipment, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a professional to use it. In fact, these machines are easy for anyone to use, with intuitive controls and adjustable settings to fit your needs.

Available Rental Options and Selection

We have several options for renting Toro machines. Our models include:

Toro 48-in Walk-Behind Proline Mower: This high-powered machine makes it easier than ever to keep your lawn trim and clean. With a 603-cc engine and a three-blade, 48-in cutting mechanism, this is one of the most efficient and effective ways to maintain your grass.

Toro Small Stump Grinder: This stump grinder might be small, but it makes it easy to do all your most heavy-duty yard work. Compact enough to manuever into tight spots but fitted with a centrifugal clutch for powerful ripping and grinding, this machine makes even difficult yard tasks a breeze.

Benefits of Renting Toro Machines

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using Toro machines, you might be wondering: what’s the point in renting from local Toro dealerships instead of just buying your own machine?

There are a few reasons why renting might make sense for you. These include:

Cost savings: A new high-quality machine from a brand like Toro can be expensive. If you only need a one-time or occasional use, it makes more sense to save your money by renting. You’ll have access to these top-of-the-line machines without shelling out the big bucks. Many people only need these machines seasonally or occasionally, which makes renting a cost-effective alternative to buying.

Use of professional-grade machines: It can be difficult or pricey to access professional-grade machines, especially if you’re working on your home property. Renting a Toro means you have access to some of the highest-quality equipment in the industry.

Flexibility: Renting gives you the option to try out these machines without the commitment of buying, maintaining, and storing them. We also offer a variety of rental periods, with the option to extend if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Toro Lawn And Garden Machines Can I Rent?

We offer a two Toro-brand lawn and garden machines for customer use: walk-behind mowers and small stump grinders. These are ideal for use both on private and commercial property, and can be rented for the day, week, or a full month.

How Long Can I Rent a Toro Machine For?

We have several options for renting a Toro machine depending on the size of your project and other factors. You can rent a machine by month, week, or even by day if you only need it for a brief time! We have varying rates for these rental periods, which we’ll be happy to share with you when you call.

What Documents do I Need to Provide to Rent a Toro Machine?

To rent a Toro machine, you will need to provide a driver’s license or personal state-issued ID. Our customer service team can walk you through any other necessary documentation when you call to book your rental.

Do You Offer Delivery And Pickup Services For The Rented Machines?

When you rent a Toro machine from Contractors Supply, we will drop it off at your preferred address. Then, when your rental period is over, we will pick it up again so that you don’t even have to worry about transporting it to or from your home or workplace.

What Happens if The Toro Machine Malfunctions During The Rental Period?

If you have a problem with the Toro machine you have rented, feel free to contact us for assistance. We can help coordinate any needed repairs or help you access a replacement machine for the duration of your rental period.

Can I Rent Toro Machines For Both Residential And Commercial Purposes?

You can rent our machines for any project, whether you are working on your private property or completing a commercial renovation.

Can I Extend The Rental Period if Needed?

You are welcome to extend the rental period if your project is not completed in the specified time. As long as another customer has not booked the machine directly after you, you should be able to extend. Contact us to ask whether your rental can be increased.


If you’ve been wondering “Where can I find Toros near me?” Contractors Supply has everything you need to get started in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Our top-notch machine options and unparalleled service make it easier than ever to complete your projects without the extra hassle. To make your booking or for more information, contact our company today!