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Track Loaders


ASV Posi-Track loaders are designed to help you work in more places and in more conditions so you can get more done every day. They are respected for their power, performance and serviceability.


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The RT-65 is designed to deliver maximum serviceability, reliability and productivity. With ASV’s patented Posi-Track® undercarriage, this machine is built for digging and ground engagement work in construction, excavation, landscaping and snow-clearing applications.


Operating weight: 7630 lbs / 3461 kg
Ground pressure @ operating weight: standard track; 4.3 psi / 33.1 kPa
Rated operating capacity (35% tipping load): 1925 lbs / 873 kg
Tipping load: 5,500 lbs / 2495 kg
Travel speed, maximum: 10.6 mph / 17 kph

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