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Track Loaders


ASV Posi-Track loaders are designed to help you work in more places and in more conditions so you can get more done every day. They are respected for their power, performance and serviceability.


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Power in a Small Package: ASV’s new RT-40 Posi-Track loader brings a new meaning to performance and power in a compact machine. As a sit-on machine with a compact width, the machine is ideal for landscaping, snow removal, or your next rental, and it packs incredible lift capacity and speed. Along with the machine’s reliability, serviceability, and comfort, you’ll feel the difference sitting in the RT-40


Loader arms: Radial
Operating weight: 4,175 lb / 1,894 kg
Shipping weight: 3,767 lbs / 1,709 kg
Ground pressure @ operating weight: 3.5 psi / 24.1 kPa
Rated operating capacity (35% tipping load): 931 lbs / 422 kg
Tipping load: 2,660 lbs / 1,206 kg
Travel speed, max.: 7.1 mph / 11.4 kph

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