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Hand Truck

Lectrotruck LTA5012E Battery Powered Hand Truck

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1200 lb lifting capacity for heavier loads 

Stair climbing ability to easily bring loads up and down flights of stairs

Two adjustable strap bars can be attached and moved to better secure your load and ensure a safe transport

•Detachable battery pack

•10″ long extension handle

•Perfect for heavier residential loads (boilers, furnaces, tanks, )


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The LTA5012E is the preferred aluminum model for heavy residential loads, like  – Furnaces, Boilers, and Safes, and has a 1200 lb/544kg weight lift capacity. This model also features a user friendly detachable battery pack. Two clips located on the sides of the battery pack quickly release, so you can remove the entire battery pack without removing your load from the LECTROTRUCK. The battery pack also has a built-in battery charger, so all you need to do is bring the power cord to your battery pack. 

The extension handle is 10” long and has four different settings to obtain better leverage when using your LECTROTRUCK. Adjustable strap bars can easily be attached, moved and detached without the use of any tools. Each unit includes two flat strap bars and a battery charger.

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