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KATO 9VXB Battery-Powered Mini Excavator

8 hour run time on full charge for all day work

•No battery memory – can be charged at anytime

No gas, fumes, or extension cords!

•Usability for both indoor and outdoor work

Throttle control for easy and faster operation

•Backfill blade with retractable blade extensions

•Charger comes standard

•Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Fast 3 hour charging system available with purchase

•Bucket cylinder hose placed inside of arm

•Standard auxiliary hook up

•27.5-in undercarriage expandable to 37.5 inches

Warranty: 3-year/1,000-hour

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Why go with a battery? It’s cheaper, quieter, more cost efficient, and can even be used indoors thanks to the lack of emissions! It’s also just as powerful as any gas powered mini excavator. No cords either!

Small enough to fit through tight spaces like gates, doorways, and hallways. Ditch the wheel barrows and shovel and get some real power.

KATO continues to impress as one of the leaders in excavating and other construction machinery. By continuing to add models like the KATO 9VXB, KATO continues to push the technology and industry for years to come.

As a certified KATO and IHI dealer, we’ve loved every minute of using this model and highly recommend you contact us for more details on this machine: (203) 323-3752

Additional information

Weight 2060 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 39 × 90 in
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