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Masonary Saw

Husqvarna MS360 (Folding Stand Included!)

Another gem produced by Husqavarna, this masonry saw proves to be the one of the best on the market and will easily fulfill your masonry needs for cutting block, bricks, or pavers.

·With both wheels and the ability to fold, the MS 360 allows for easy transport and set up to and from job sites (already comes equipped with stand)

·Versatile range of motion with 22.5 degee and 45 degree bevel cuts

·Superior control and minimized vibration thanks to plunge and telescope carry handles

·Little to no clean up with the double water spray splash guard and water containment system

·14 inch diamond blade creates precise and deep cuts

·1.5HP motor – 60 Hz – 128.31 net weight

·Equipped with safety locks and knobs to ensure safe and confident use

·MS 360 Safety and Operators Manual – Click Here!



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The MS 360 model # 967285202 saw offers precision like no other and has an exceptional cutting depth up to 5” deep for a standard 14” blade.

The sturdy and rigid design makes it suitable for large jobs cutting block, brick or pavers. The MS 360 rotates for 22.5 degree and 45 degree bevel cuts and switches easily between plunge and miter cutting which makes is fast and versatile on the job site. The patented water containment system facilitates clean work area.

If you’re interested in learning more about the saw itself, feel free to read the operators manual

Additional information

Weight 139 lbs
Dimensions 27.6 × 39.6 × 27.6 in
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