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Husqvarna LP 9505 Trench Compactor

●The highly productive Husqvarna LP 9505 articulated trench compactor delivers a smooth, compacted surface, which doesn’t dig up soil when turning.

●Due to the high operating weight and ultimate traction, it is suitable for all kinds of soils (dry or wet) but especially suited for cohesive materials like clay and silt.

●The fuel-efficient engine provides class-leading power for a whole day of uninterrupted work and the radio remote control offers great flexibility, better ergonomics and safer working conditions.

●Servicing is quick and easy with all service points clearly marked and easily accessed under the hoods.

●Radio remote control technology

●High and wide drum pads increase traction on slopes and steep gradients as well as in wet soils.


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Speed – 22.5 m/min

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