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Mi-T-M AW-7020-8001 – Rotary Surface Cleaner

A great device to compliment power washing, this professional grade rotary surface cleaner will help clean large surfaces so you can get the job done faster. Utilizing strong-bristled brushes for a super deep clean that lasts. This rotary cleaner can be used on decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, parking lots and any other horizontal surface without damaging the actual flooring.

·28-inch diameter rotor cleans faster and large surface areas in less time

·4000-PSI rated easily washes away any grime off hard surfaces

·Lightweight, portable frame with walk-behind design for easy control

·Requires little to no maintenance

·Large pneumatic wheels for increased mobility and transportation over conventional pressure washers

·212°F maximum temperature removes any stubborn debris that stands in your way

·Professional-grade aluminum housing

·4.0 to 10.0 GPM water volume


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Larger in diameter, a stronger heat source, and 4,000 PSI of power means easy outside cleanup for your home, project, or worksite.  Perfect for cleaning almost any horizontal surface you can think of, the AW-7020-8001 is your go-to rotary surface cleaner for heavy duty jobs.

A perfect compliment to pressure washing, here are just a few of the sites you can clean with this machine.

·Loading docks
·Parking lots
·Pool areas
·Basketball courts
·Tennis courts

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Weight 46 lbs
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