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KATO IHI 30V-4 Mini Excavator

Super comfortable and easy to operate 

•Easily visible monitor

•Legroom enlarged by 20%

•Cabin room enlarged by 25%

•Centralized switches

Improved fuel consumption with Auto Idle and Eco-Mode features

•ROPS Certified (Rollover Protection Structure)

Error prevention/safety features (All-lever lock, Neutral engine-start, Auto-parking brake in swing & traction motors)

10% more powerful digging with a fast moving and responsive 4-pump system


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If you’ve never used a mini excavator, especially a KATO, then you’re missing out.

For jobs, large and small, difficult or easy, the 30V-4 has got you covered.

With less weight, ground pressure, and fuel consumption than larger excavators, mini excavators are a perfect choice as they are easier to transport as they can be towed with a regular hitch and trailer to and from jobsites. Easy to operate and exceptional performance, come in to our showroom and we’d be happy to show you how it operates.

If you’re interested in purchasing this machine, please give us a call at: (203) 323-3752

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