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The Backstory of MI-T-M

Mi-T-M was founded in 1971 by a man named AJ. Spiegel. Now one of the largest industrial equipment manufacturers in the U.S. 

Mi-T-M serves millions of people including contractors and business owners with high quality equipment and machinery for labor intensive tasks.

The company first started off by building and selling a portable and affordable pressure washer named the Mighty 1000, which is where the company obtained it’s name.

The Mighty 1000 become a major competitor in the pressure washer market. Within 11 years the Mi-T-M brand had hundreds of pressure washers throughout retail stores all across the country.

What Does MI-T-M Sell?

Although Mi-T-M came to business by selling pressure washers, today, they’ve expanded their inventory to industrial equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers use extremely high powered streams of water to clean driveways, patios, buildings, vehicles, and more.

Power washers remove dirt, mud, gunk, mold, and other debris that would normally be hard to come off by washing with a regular hose.

Mi-T-M sells a multitude of different pressure washers.

  • High PSI Performance
  • Hot Pressure Washers
  • Commercial Pressure Washers
  • Industrial Pressure Washers

Air Compressors

Air compressors are another form of industrial equipment that are used for many different jobs.

The most popular need for air compressors are to power pneumatic (air) tools, and filling up car tires.

Mi-T-M offers many different size air compressors for all different style contractors to power pneumatic tools like staple guns, paint guns, nail guns, and more.


When a power source is not readily available, a portable generator comes in and helps solve that problem.

Portable generators are used during power outages, outdoor job sites, and  indoors when a building may not have yet have a power source.

Smaller generators (known as inverters) are generally used by residents during outages and are around 2000 Watts.

Larger generators are used on job sites to power tools and supply a power source for long periods of time. Some of these generators put out 14,000 Watts of power.

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Also known as ‘shop vac.’ These aren’t your typical at home vacuums used to clean your carpet. They’ll do much more than that!

With strong suction, they have the ability to inhale both wet and dry materials, hence the name…

Very heavy duty, these vacuums can be used to clean and suck up tougher materials.

Portable Heaters

Used to heat large outdoor spaces in cold conditions, outdoor heaters help improve working conditions for laborers when there’s no heat source.

Mi-T-M offers heaters that are powered by both kerosene and propane.

Why Choose MI-T-M

If you’re shopping for industrial and contractor equipment, you should highly consider the Mi-T-M brand.

For almost 50 years Mi-T-M has been producing high quality products, parts, and equipment, all made in the USA. Their new state of the art headquarters and facility in Peosta, Iowa helps test and ship their entire line of products, both large and small.

With a great track record, contractors and citizens across the country have been utilizing the power of Mi-T-M since the company’s founding in 1971.

Mi-T-M employs over 450 hard-working Americans who help produce and represent the popular brand.

By purchasing Mi-T-M, you help support the hardworking Americans who help run this company and this country!

Mi-T-M also makes sure all products follow proper safety inspections and are certified by companies such as OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) and NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory).

Even better is Mi-T-M  is continuously updating and adding more equipment to it’s product line.