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What Is A Log Splitter?

Just as the name suggests, a log splitter is used to split pieces of wood into smaller pieces which can then be used for firewood.

A log splitter main purpose is to save both time and energy.

Manually cutting wood with an axe or wedge is time consuming and extremely tiring.

Not to mention you can seriously injure yourself if you don't know what you're doing. If you've ever cut wood with just an axe, you'll know that if puts major stress on your lower back.

It's also not a guarantee that you achieve a clean cut on each log you chop and it may take you multiple swings to get through a tough piece of wood.

That's where the power of a log splitter comes in. Contrary to swinging an axe, log splitters can put out a couple tons of splitting force into one small log, giving you a clean cut every time.

This is primarily due to the hydraulic power which is used in lots of heavy machinery and construction equipment.


How Much Does A Log Splitter Cost?

With just a simple Google search you'll find that log splitters cost between $750 to $8000 for super high performance models.

With such a high price on a brand new log splitter, its a better idea to rent one for the time being.

Renting still allows you to get the job done and you don't have to worry about taking care of the machine. Instead you just return the log splitter and head on your merry way.

Renting a log splitter from Contractors Supply LLC beats the cost of buying a brand new model.

Our rates start at $105.00 for the day, $415.00 weekly, and $1,200.00 monthly.


Log Splitter Safety Tips

Log splitters are powerful machines and can be extremely dangerous if you're not careful.

People have lost fingers, hands, and limbs due to improper use. Don't become another statistic and follow these log splitter safety tips!


Inspect And Clean The Log Splitter

Before operating a log splitter, always make sure the machine is clear of any leftover wood, logs, and other debris.

Leftover debris will increase the risk of injury and can also interfere with your current operation of cutting wood.

Check to make sure there is gas in the tank and you have enough to finish your job.

Once everything is cleared, give your log splitter a test run and make sure it's in proper working condition. Once you've checked and everything is performing properly, you're all ready to go!


Set Up In A Safe Location

Making sure that you're working in a safe environment is crucial for operating a log splitter.

Clean the area. Don't leave your logs or any wood lying around on the ground so you avoid tripping.

Keep the logs you wish to chop stacked up together in one area. Organization is key.

Don't have any children or pets running around the log splitter. 


Wear the Proper Safety Equipment

That means wearing safety goggles and gloves.

Splitting wood often causes small fragments of wood and other debris to go flying around. The last thing you want is a sharp piece of wood to fly into your eye because you were too lazy or forgot safety glasses.

Gloves are also common practice since they prevent you from getting splinters and lacerations to your hands.

If you don't have boots, consider buying a pair of steel-toed. They'll keep your toes and feet safe from being crushed by any falling logs.

It's also a good idea to to avoid wearing jewelry and loose clothing which can get caught in the wedge of the machine.


Split During The Day

Only chop wood if you have good visibility. Splitting at night is just stupid. It's pretty self explanatory.


Don't Rush

Log splitters save a tremendous amount of time already. You don't have to rush any faster, you'll just make mistake and risk injury. 

That also means only chopping one piece of wood/log at a time. Don't double stack logs on the cutting platform. Not following this practice is just asking for trouble.


Don't Work Gas-Powered Splitters Indoors

Gas emissions can lead to a carbon monoxide build up if you're not careful.

Avoid this altogether by not using a gas powered log splitter inside a closed space. Even with proper ventilation, a gas powered machine can still cause carbon monoxide poisoning in a few minutes.

Keep a safe space and work at least 50 feet away from houses and buildings


One Operator At All Times 

Possibly the most important tip of them all.

Only one person should operate a log splitter AT ALL TIMES.

You might think that two people operating the machine might increase productivity and the speed at which you can chop wood.

But truth is it only increases your risk of mistakes and injuries.

The person who loads the wood onto the platform is the one who pulls the lever to chop the wood.

Once you get two or more people operating, someone can pull the lever at the wrong time when someones hand is right in front of the wedge.


Contractors Supply LLC For Log Splitter Rental

If you're in need of a log splitter to chop up some wood, come give us a visit at Contractors Supply LLC.

We have top of the line Barretto 922LS log splitters.

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Our showroom is located at - 17 Viaduct Road, Stamford, CT 06907

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