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Why Should you Use a Light Tower?

If you’ve ever traveled on a busy roadway or highway at night, you’ve probably seen a light tower.

Essentially a generator with high intensity lights, a light tower helps provide a large amount of visibility and illumination at night time or in dark areas.

The lights on a light tower are located on a mast that can extend to about 30 feet in the air (sometimes more depending on the model.) Having lights at such a high point will help provide illumination over a larger surface area.

The mast can also collapse/retract back down onto the generator during transportation.

Having a light tower is essential for working on construction sites or roadways at night. Light towers improve safety conditions and help reduce the risk of injury.

Whether drilling, digging, or using heavy machinery, a light tower is your first priority when working in the dark.

Why you Should Rent and Not Buy a Light Tower

Renting is becoming a cheaper and more affordable way for contractors to work on job sites and projects without ever having to purchase equipment at full price.

In the short run, renting will always be cheaper, especially when if you don’t have to use the equipment everyday.

A brand new light tower costs around $5,000-$10,000.

Renting a light tower from Contractors Supply LLC starts at… 

  • Daily: $255

  • Weekly: $750

  • Monthly: $1,500

Renting allows you to give the machine back so you don’t have to worry about maintenance and ownership of the equipment.

Light Tower Safety Tips


Although they seem harmless, light towers can be dangerous and rather unsafe if used incorrectly, creating a host of problems for you and your team.

Always be careful when operating any piece of machinery or construction equipment, no matter how safe it may seem.

Here are your light tower safety tips…

Throw Caution When Transporting

Most light towers can be towed by hooking it up to a hitch.

It’s essential that your light tower is properly hooked up for a safe transport.

Improper hook up can lead to an accident and a lawsuit.

Always be cautious when towing such a large piece of equipment.

Know the trailers turn radius and slow down or stop if you need to.

Properly handling a light tower during transport will also help extend it’s lifetime.

Set Up in the Right Location

Light towers need to be set up in the correct location to provide the best visibility for workers without blinding drivers, residents, and pedestrians.

Be sure to comply with proper laws and regulations. Contact your local state department for information regarding using equipment, especially near road and residential areas.

Wear the Proper Safety Equipment

Always wear gloves, a hard hat, vests, and other safety equipment when working in an area with a light tower.

Most light towers will be used in areas with heavy construction equipment and materials so wearing safety equipment will drastically reduce accidents and injuries.

Don’t Use Indoors

Light towers emit exhaust fumes that can cause a dangerous build up of carbon monoxide in an area with no ventilation.

Avoid using a light tower indoors or near any building to prevent the inhalation of fumes.

They are for outdoor use only!

Avoid Making Contact

Light towers engines can easily overheat, so avoid touching the engine or its components during operation to prevent serious burns.