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What is Lectrotruck?

In a world where moving heavy equipment is a challenge and danger, Lectrotruck helps you safely move and transport large items.

Lectrotruck designs and manufacturers heavy duty, battery powered hand trucks that allow you to easily move objects thought to be immovable without the likes of 6 super strong men.

We all know that hand trucks can help you transport and balance heavy items that are too difficult for someone to carry, but what if you could take it up a notch?

Lectrotruck’s are larger, more heavy duty, and come with adjustable straps to help you secure even the largest of equipment like:

  • Furniture

  • Grills

  • Boilers

  • Furnaces

  • Spas

  • Bathtubs

  • And much more!

Lectrotrucks VS. Regular Hand Trucks

Standard hand trucks use leverage in order to lift heavy objects and wheel them from Point A to Point B.

However, most hand trucks are too small and not capable to lift large volume objects like boilers, let alone pull them up a large flight of stairs.

What makes Lectrotruck so unique is it’s ability to pull itself up and down large steps or a flight of stairs (all with the simple press of a few buttons). Lectro will securely hold your object on a set of rails and raise or lower the wheels to your desired step. From there you can raise your strapped in object and repeat this process. (Check the video out below).

This not only prevent accidents but also helps improve the overall safety of a moving crew/individual.

Added Safety Features

Most Lectrotruck models also come with adjustable bars and straps that allow you to safely secure almost any object, another added benefit over standard hand trucks which generally don’t have any. These straps can be placed on different areas of the hand truck so you can find the perfect area to secure your transport.

It’s also noted that Lectrotruck has an electromagnetic braking system which will help prevent your load from slipping away and crashing. If you’ve ever pulled a handtruck up a line of stairs, you know how dangerous it is. Without any form of breaks, you can be left with a runaway hand truck that can do serious damage.

Last but not least, Lectrotruck has also added limit switches and overload prevention to prevent machine failure and system damage.

Models We Offer

Here at Contractors Supply LLC, we offer 4 different Lectrotruck models. Which one you purchase will depend entirely one what you plan on moving…

  • LTA4512E – Lighter loads up to 600 lbs

  • LTA5012E – Mediums loads up to 1,200 lbs

  • LTA5512E – Medium loads up to 1,200 lbs

  • LTA6512E – Heavier loads up to 1,500 lbs