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How to Start A Toro Z Master Lawn Mower

Starting a mower involves more than simply pulling a cord or pressing a button, especially for high-quality mowers like the Toro Zero Turn Mower.

Before starting, ensure that the mower is on a flat surface and check and fill the petrol levels, making sure to securely close the lid.

Check the oil levels using the dipstick attached to the oil tank lid, being cautious not to overfill. Wipe any spills with a paper towel.

To start the Toro Zero Turn mower, push the lap bars away from your body while seated in the driver’s seat. Insert the key, turn off the mowing deck, and pull the choke lever to warm the engine. Start the engine with the key, keeping the choke halfway, and release the choke after approximately 30 seconds.

Guide: Starting a Toro Z Master Revolution

    1. Ensure that the handles of the Toro 4000 series are fully open.
    2. Engage the parking brake lever, located on the left side, by pushing it all the way up.
    3. Turn the PTO switch off, which is a yellow switch with one side having a picture and the other side plain. Push the plain side down.
    4. Locate the choke knob and pull it all the way up. Set the throttle to around three-quarters.
    5. Start the engine by giving it a turn. Gradually release the choke as the engine starts.