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6″ Hoe Head

AJT-30 30″ Bow Saw

Fiberglass Post Hole Digger

EMX-24 24″ Leaf Rake

6 lb Wood Handle Sledge Hammer

8 lb Wood Handle Sledge Hammer

10 lb Wood Handle Sledge Hammer

12 lb Wood Handle Sledge Hammer

8 lb Fiberglass Sledge Hammer

12 lb Fiberglass Sledge Hammer

4 lb Cross Peen Hammer

2 lb Fiberglass Cross Peen Hammer

3 lb Fiberglass Cross Peen Hammer

2 lb Hickory Drilling Hammer

3 lb 10″ Wood Drilling Hammer

4 lb 10″ Wood Drilling Hammer

2 lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer

6 lb Fiberglass Splitting Maul

8 lb Axe Splitting Maul

Round Shovel Point (no refunds)

Square Shovel (no refunds)

Fiberglass Shovel

Square Point Fiberglass Shovel

Round Point D Fiberglass Shovel

Square Point D Fiberglass Shovel

Round Point Shovel

Wood Square Point Shovel

Round Point D Shovel

Square Point D Fiberglass Handle Shovel

TRS-4-RBA Trenching Shovel

30″ Poly Scoop Shovel

Fiberglass Bow Rake

Level Head Rake

5-16MF HD Fiberglass Road Rake

TP5F Fiberglass Mattock Pick

Mattock Pick

Mattock Cutter

Railroad Pick

TH-5F Fiberglass Cutter Mattock

ZP-6F Fiberglass Pick Railroad

Aluminum Landscape Rake

26″ Steel Leaf Rake

Fiber Round Point PRL-FV Shovel

5 lb Splitting Wedge

3 1/2 lb Hickory Truper Axe

4 1/2 lb Fiberglass Splitting Maul

4 lb Diamond Splitting Wedge

Poly Scoop Shovel

PAYL-12L Aluminum Scoop Shovel

R-14XSH Asphalt Rake

Concrete Rake with Hook

Level Head Rake

24″ Wood Handle Leaf Rake

Long Handle Garden Spade

18″ Machete

Wheelbarrow Handle Replacement

Tube Wheelbarrow

Potato Rake/Cultivator

8×8 Steel Hand Tamper

10×10 Steel Hand Tamper

Half Moon Edger

6 lb Fiberglass Sledge Hammer

1 lb 14″ Hatchet

Fiberglass Thatching Rake

1 lb 9″ Hatchet

16 lb San Angelo Bar

18 lb Wedge Point Bar

18 lb Pinch-Point Bar

16 lb Holedigger/Tamping Post Bar

12 lb Tamping Bar

4 lb Splitting Wedge

6 lb Splitting Wedge

4 lb Super Wedge

16 lb Wood & Fiber Sledge Hammer

Concrete Rake with Hook

54″ Handle Garden Hoe

1″ x 68″ Crow Bar

1-1/4″ x 68″ Crow Bar

4 lb Double Face Sledge Hammer

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Contractors Supply is conveniently located in Stamford, Connecticut. We service Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York, including the cities of Stamford, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield, Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Bridgeport, Wilton, Weston and Trumbull.