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Why Use a Generator?

Depending on your line of work or the situation, a generator can be a contractor’s best friend or a family’s power source during an outage.

No matter the season, New England is known for inclement weather. Snowstorms in the winter and tropical storms/hurricanes in the summer are a power companies worst nightmare.

Even minor storms that bring heavy wind gusts can create massive power outages all over the region.

As our global climate continues to change, the rate of outages will also increase.

Having easy access to a generator has never been more important.

Generators aren’t just for power outages but are also designed for new worksites that are off the grid and do not have power yet.

Contractors have tools and equipment that need power. A powerful gas generator could be the difference between completing the job quickly and efficiently or not.

If you’re in need of a reflective bomber jacket, vest or other safety equipment, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (203) 323-3752.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Generator?

  • Robin 1700 Watt Inverter: Starting at $50 Daily Rental

  • 7000 Watt Generator: Starting at $90 daily rental

  • 10,000 Watt Generator: Starting at $175 daily rental

Generators for Sale

Renting is great, but why wait for a generator rental when you can already be prepared and ready to go?

After all, most rental generators are bought out quickly prior to storms or possible outages since the demand is so high.

At Contractors Supply LLC, we sell Winco Generators, one of the top manufacturers on the market with a wide variety of models.

We currently sell 3 models of Winco Generators and have access to a large portion of Winco products. If you wish to purchase a different Winco model not at our showroom, give us a call at a (203) 323-3752 and we’d be happy to find you the model that you are looking for.

  • WINCO DP7500-03/A: Starting at $2,100

  • WINCO DP5000/T-2: Starting at $1,700

  • WINCO DP3000/T: Starting at $1,100