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For Sale: 60V MAX Revolution Electric Battery Backpack Leaf Blower Cannon

Introducing the 60V MAX* Revolution Electric Battery Backpack Leaf Blower Cannon, now available for sale. This powerful and efficient leaf blower offers a range of features designed to enhance productivity and comfort. Here are the key highlights:

– Integrated backpack design: The leaf blower comes with an integrated backpack design, providing comfort and ease of use during prolonged operation.

– Massive air volume: With a powerful airflow of 730 CFM at 160 MPH, this leaf blower effortlessly tackles any pile of leaves or debris.

– Variable speed trigger: The variable speed trigger, along with a turbo boost button and cruise control, allows you to easily match the power output to the task at hand.

– Brushless motor: The brushless motor optimizes performance, runtime, efficiency, and tool life, ensuring reliable and long-lasting operation.

– Horizon360 Business Management Software: Enhance your efficiency and profitability with the comprehensive Horizon360 software, enabling you to streamline your operations.

The Revolution Electric Battery Backpack Leaf Blower Cannon is part of the Revolution professional handheld product line, which runs on the 60V Max Flex-Force Power System. It is compatible with the entire range of Revolution commercial-grade handheld tools, including string trimmers and hedge trimmers. The backpack is designed for all-day comfort and is equipped with the capability to swap batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation. With our 60V power system, you can enjoy fast charging times, with the largest battery reaching 100% charge in just 50 minutes, surpassing the charging speed of larger, lower voltage batteries.

Upgrade your leaf blowing capabilities with the 60V MAX Revolution Electric Battery Backpack Leaf Blower Cannon and experience the power, convenience, and efficiency it brings to your outdoor maintenance tasks.