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For Sale: 30 in. Stand-On Aerator

Introducing the new 30 in. stand-on aerator, designed specifically for busy landscape contractors. This compact yet powerful machine offers the same capabilities as larger models while being easier to maneuver. With this aerator, you can now access areas that were previously limited to walk-behind units, saving valuable time on projects of all sizes.

Key Features:

– Compact design: Fits through a standard 36 in. gate, allowing easy access to tight spaces.

– Intuitive controls: Function similar to a mower, making navigation effortless and saving time.

– Smooth ride: Floating operator platform minimizes vibrations for a comfortable experience.

– Convenient tine control: Use the foot pedal to easily raise and lower the tines.

– Adjustable plug length: Fine-tune the hydraulic system to vary plug length on the go.

– Powerful performance: Applies up to 1,200 lbs of down pressure on the tines, extracting cores up to 5 in. deep.

– Consistent core depths: Electronic depth control optimizes power and hydraulics, ensuring consistent results on any terrain.

– Customizable operator settings: The Hydraforce valve adjusts to the operator’s weight, enhancing control.

– Operator-friendly features: Depth control with supervisor maximum-depth lockout, maintenance reminders, and tine activation lockout.

– Easy maintenance: Engine and common service components are easily accessible for quick maintenance.

With the new 30 in. stand-on aerator, landscape contractors can enjoy enhanced efficiency and productivity, effortlessly reaching previously inaccessible areas while maintaining consistent and high-quality results.