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For Rent: Toro SGR-6 Stump Grinder

Make light work of stump removal renting a Toro Stump Grinder, like the Toro SGR-6 Stump Grinder. Designed for accessing hard-to-reach stumps and grinding near other objects, this machine offers convenience and efficiency. Here are the key features:

– Easy loading and transport: Lift handles make loading and unloading a breeze, and the foldable handle allows for compact transport in various vehicles such as SUVs, cars, trunks, or minivans.

– Compact and maneuverable: The SGR stump grinders are well balanced, easy to operate, and simple to maintain. Their compact design enables access to hard-to-reach stumps, ensuring no stump is left behind.

– Heavy-duty components: Built to withstand tough conditions, the SGR-6 features heavy-duty components. The centrifugal clutch is designed to handle stump impacts, ensuring durability. Rubber gaskets between the handle and frame help reduce vibration and operator fatigue.

– Easy to use and maintain: With its user-friendly design, the SGR-6 is easy to operate and maintain. It is perfect for the removal of small stumps and features 3 Greenteeth cutting technology for smooth cutting performance.

Rent the Toro SGR-6 Stump Grinder today and experience its compactness, maneuverability, and heavy-duty performance. Say goodbye to stubborn stumps with ease and efficiency.