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Is It Time To Refinish?

Refinishing your floor is not something that needs to be done often. Most homeowners will refinish their floors every 10 years (or sooner) depending on foot traffic and how well the floors are maintained.

But if your floor is looking old and worn down, a flooring job is needed to bring the hardwood back to life.

If it's that time, you might want to hire a professional and reliable contractor. If you're a do-it-yourself-er, make sure you know what you're doing. Making a mistake on your floors will definitely show.


Flooring Maintenance Tips

Increasing the life expectancy of your hardwood floors is not complicated.

Routinely, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping will keep your floors looking better for longer periods, saving you time and money from completely redoing or refinishing your floors.

If you want to go a step further you can rent a floor polisher for the nice glossy finish.


Flooring Equipment

Different Types Of Flooring Equipment We Offer

If it's time to refinish your floors, there's a few pieces of equipment you'll need.

Floor sanders (as the name implies) are used for removing the top surfaces of wooden floors and surfaces. The sander will shave off old polyurethane and a thin piece of the wood itself. This allows you to improve the woods appearance and add another fresh coat of polyurethane

Rental Prices: $60 Daily - $240 Weekly - $600 Monthly

Edgers are used on the sides and corners of a room to hit spots that a sander can't reach due to it's size. If you need to sand down an edge or corner that's hard to reach with very tight corner, an edge is your best bet.

Rental Prices: $60 Daily - $200 Weekly - $500 Monthly

Strippers help strip away flooring material like tile and carpet, if you're looking to completely replace the flooring.

Rental Prices: $90 Daily - $360 Weekly - $900 Monthly

Polishers are to help clean and maintain hard material floors like hardwood, marble, and tile. Polishers help buff out any scratches and give a nice glossy shine, making the floor look like new.

Rental Prices: $75 Daily - $300 Weekly - $900 Monthly

Flooring Tips And Tricks

Flooring is not the easiest of jobs. It's highly recommended to hire a contractor or speak with someone who know's what they're doing.


Wear Safety Gear

Although flooring is not the most dangerous job, anything can happen.

Before even getting starting with refinishing your floors, you should take a few precautions.

Make sure you have:


•Safety goggles

•Dust mask

Safety goggles will help protect your eyes from dust.

Gloves ensure a tight grip and help prevent hand injuries.

And a dust mask is absolutely essential to make sure you're not breathing it any harmful materials. Harmful dust particles have been known to cause cancer and respiratory issues. 


Prep Your Room

Refinishing a floor requires different methods of prepping based on the work your doing. 

Remove furniture and sealing off the room before starting anything.

Sanding a floor creates a whole lot of dust and other stuff you don't want to breathe. You'll need tarps and dust covers to help capture the dust from leaving the room.

Avoid having kids and or pets running around the area or near a room that's being work on.


Know Your Equipment

Rushing is a great way to make mistakes.

But stopping can be even worse.

If you're using a powerful sander, just stopping for one second on a hardwood floor will create a divot in your hardwood floor, making an uneven surface...

Knowing what can of sander, the grain of sandpaper, and it's power is essential.

Before renting, always speak with a pro.


Clean Up

Once you're all finished sanding, it's a good idea to vacuum and clean the area before applying a fresh coat of polyurethane.

The same goes for stripping. Collect all the debris and pass over the floor with a high power shop-vac to collect any remaining particles and small debris.

Make sure you get in those corners too!


Apply A Thin Even Coat

When applying polyurethane, go slow and avoid using too much.

It's always better to add thin coats. If you're coat is too thin you can always add another.

When applying a coat, use a high quality roller to spread it out evenly across the entire floor.

Thick coats also take much longer to cure and are more likely to be uneven.


Plan Your Escape

When sanding or adding polyurethane, avoid trapping yourself in a corner.

Having a plan before you start sanding is your best bet.

"Begin your applications along the wall opposite the door you intend to exit"


Call A Pro

There's no shame in hiring a professional when it comes to refinishing a hardwood floor. It takes both time, effort, and patience.

Spending the money is better than ruining your floors.



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