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Excavator Rental In Stamford CT – Starting At $300/Day

We Offer Excavators For Everyone

If you're a contractor, business owner, or homeowner who needs the power of an excavator, give us a call right now at (203) 323-3752  and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental for those who require. So don't be shy, the longer you rent, the more discount we provide.

Contractors Supply LLC is open 6 days a week for excavator and machinery rental.


Excavators We Offer

At the current moment, Contractors Supply carries 8 different excavators for rent, each with different capabilities to fit your needs.

We have both mini and large excavators and even battery powered models that can work indoors.

If you're not sure which excavator you need, we'll be happy to assist you in your decision making.


Rental prices: $300/Day - $1,200/Week - $2,400/Month

Our cheapest excavator available, it's popular for smaller jobs.

With a maximum digging depth of 7 feet and a total operating weight of under 4,000 pounds, it is both lightweight and capable with less ground pressure. 



Rental prices: $300/Day - $1,200/Week - $2,400/Month

Similar the IHI 17. this model prices the same while offering more power, digging depth, and breakout force, making it an even better choice all at the same cost.



Rental prices: $350/Day - $1,450/Week - $2,900/Month

Easy to operate and visible monitor, the 30V4 has simplified controls with more leg and cabin room over it's counterparts to ensure a more comfortable operation.

It also includes more digging power with a bucket breakout force of almost 8,000 pounds and digging depth of almost 10 feet. 



Rental prices: $350/Day - $1,450/Week - $2,900/Month

With 24% better fuel consumption the IHI 35 is a smarter choice for those who need longer run times.

Other statistics include an operating weight of 8,100 lbs and a digging depth of about 11 feet. Just as good as the 30V4 all for the same price.

Not a bad deal!


Yanmar 75

Rental prices: $425/Day - $1,700/Week - $3,400/Month

Now we're starting to get into more serious territory with extreme power and larger size models!

For bigger jobs that require more capability, the Yanmar 75 comes in at 17,000 lbs, over 14 feet of digging depth. and more than 15,000 lbs of breaking force.

We recommend using this for demolition and trenching jobs on larger jobsites.



Rental prices: $425/Day - $1,700/Week - $3,200/Month

A 'Zero Tail Swing' mini excavator with 12 feet digging depth and 11,000 lbs of breakout force.



Rental prices: $425/Day - $1,700/Week - $3,200/Month

15 feet of digging depth and almost 15,000 lbs of breakout force make this one of the most powerful mini excavators on the market.



Rental prices: $550/Day - $2,200/Week - $4,400/Month

Our most powerful and largest excavator to date, we can't say enough about the 514MR from Kato.

Starting at $550 a day, you can get a 35,000 pound behemoth of an excavator with 18 feet of digging depth, 21,000 lbs of bucket force, a pressurized cabin, LCD digital monitor, and a retractable windshield. 

The best of the best we have to offer, do no hesitate to rent this machine if available! It sells out fast!


Any Rules Regarding Renting Excavators?

Fuel: All customers are responsible for re-fueling excavators post use and prior to returning machinery. 

Hours: Each unit will have an 8 hour run time per day, 40 hour run time per week, and 160 run time per month. Going over a meters time will result in an excess charge.

Pick Up: Customers are responsible for scheduling pickup once rental is completed.

Cleaning: Customers are required to clean excavators before returning. Please do not leave the equipment a mess. Wash off mud, dirt, debris, and sweep cabin for trash/belongings.

Deposit: For cash customers only, we require a 25% deposit prior to your rental


Does Contractors Supply Also Sell Excavators?

Why yes we do!

Renting is always simple, but if you want an excavator all to yourself, there's nothing wrong with making the move to own one.

Owning an excavators carries its own perks and is actually cheaper in the long run. Now has never been a better time!

Check out our Excavator Shop Page to view our models and pricing.

Our cheapest models starts out at $34,900.


What Can We Use The Excavators For?

Almost anything you please!

Digging, trenching, landscaping, remodeling, tearing down old infrastrucutre, etc.

As long as you do so safely and take care of the equipment, the excavator is 100% yours to use!

Contractors Supply LLC For Excavator Rentals Whenever You Need!

Sometimes, the ability to utilize an excavator can be the difference between completing a job or not starting it in the first place. We'd be happy to help find the perfect excavator so you can get to work right now.

Our showroom is located at - 17 Viaduct Road, Stamford, CT 06907

Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any excavator related questions: (203) 323-3752

Although located in Stamford CT, Contractors Supply services the surrounding areas of Darien, Norwalk, New Canaan, Greenwich, Fairfield, Bridgeport, and Westport.

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