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The Problem with Ethanol

Ethanol fuel that sits for long periods of time has been known to eat away and destroy engines.

That’s because ethanol absorbs water and causes corrosion of metal parts, which can ultimately lead an engine to fail.

The simplest solution?

Ethanol-Free Fuel…

By utilizing ethanol free fuel, you’re able to safely protect your engine from eating away at itself while still utilizing high quality fuel.

Ethanol Free, Pre-Mixed Fuel for Small Engines (2 Stroke)

Here’s a question…

How long do you let regular gas sit in the tools and equipment in your shed?

If you have a leaf blower, chainsaw, pruner or any other gas powered landscaping equipment, your tools could be at risk of permanent damage.

We can’t tell you the number of times customers have brought in damaged and seized equipment like leaf blowers, because they were using ethanol fuel.

We carry VP 50:1 Small Engine Fuel specifically made and ready to use. This fuel comes pre-mixed with the correct gas to oil ratio for all 2-stroke engines. We carry the small engine fuel in gallons.

If need 2-stroke ethanol free fuel, give us a call right now!

Four Stroke Ethanol Free Fuel

Here at Contractors Supply LLC, we also offer 4-cycle ethanol free fuel for vehicles, generators and other gas powered equipment.

Our 4-cycle fuel comes straight from the pump and will ensure a clean and efficient engine operation.

Come in any time with your gas canister and we’d be happy to fill you up. If you don’t own a canister you can purchase one in our store at anytime!

Race Fuel

Also available at our store is VP Race Fuel which comes in 5-gallon buckets in a variety of different octanes.