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In Need Of An Aerator?

Aeration is an essential part of New England’s lawn care.

Contractor, business owner, or homeowner, give us a call at (203) 323-3752  and we’d be happy to check availability.

We offer daily rentals for aerators in the Stamford CT area.

Contractors Supply LLC is open 6 days a week for aerator rental and sale.

How Much Does It Cost For Aerator Rental?

  • Aerator Rental Starts At: $110 per day

Any Rules Regarding Renting Our Equipment?

Our Aerators have indefinite run time, meaning unlike other heavy machinery, there are no meters. Use it as much as you want!

We only ask that all our equipment is taken care of and cleaned before being returned.

Please do not bring back a mess of the equipment.

What Are Aerators Used For?

Aerators are used to create holes in compact soil which allow for air, nutrients, and water to reach roots and improve grass/lawn conditions.

Grass often undergoes stressful situations based on your local climate. Extreme temperatures, too little rain, inclimate weather, debris, compact soil, and much more can harm even the toughest blades of grass.

If you’re soil is in bad shape, it’s time to turn it around and use aerators to poke some holes to let nutrients and fertilizer nourish your lawn.

How much is aerator rental?

A gas-powered aerator rental starts at $110 per day from Contractors Supply.

Do rental aerators work?

Rental aerators, like the gas-powered aerators we rent, are a great option for homeowners looking to make their lawn look great without having to use a riding lawn mower.