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About the 6200 Series

Designed by the company 3M, the 6200 is a quality reusable air respirator will help protect you against a wide variety of particulates you may encounter when working on a home project or at your job.

Depending on the filters you use, you’ll recieve protection against:

  • Welding Fumes

  • Mold

  • Asbestos

  • Silica

  • Dust

  • Many Oil and Non Oil Contaminates

  • Gas and Vapors


The 6200 is a half-facepiece design, fitting and protecting only your airway entries (nose and mouth).

It is not a full face mask, meaning it won’t protect your eyes from possible debris and particulates. However, this isn’t an issue if air quality is the only safety precaution needed which is most of the case.

The facepiece is NIOSH approved (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and can easily be taken apart for cleaning and replacing old cartridge filters.

It’s adjustable head straps allow for a one-size fits-most.

Lung Damage and Air Quality

If you’re working in an environment or site that has potentially harmful particulates, it’s important you utilize the proper protection. Failing to do so can result in serious conditions such as:

  • Constant Coughing and Wheezing

  • Respiratory Infections

  • Compromised Immune System

  • Asthma

  • Airway Inflammation

  • Long Term Illnesses like Cancer and Lung Disease


In recent years, 1980 to 2014, have shown a large increase in respiratory illnesses with one of the major culprits being exposure to toxic materials, smoke, and harmful particles.

Many individuals are exposed from working on old homes and construction sites.

And to the think simplest solution is by wearing a quality mask…

The Benefits of a Reusable Respirator Over Disposable Masks

It’s Cheaper in The Long Run

Unlike conventional masks, reusable respirators are cheaper in the long run while providing a sustainable level of protection against particulates of gas, mold, and other harmful chemicals.

The respirator itself is more expensive, but a pair of cartridge filters will only cost you $7.75 on our site, while a high quality N95 dust mask will push you around $20…

In the long run, 6200 only makes sense as you’ll see a difference and both quality and cost price.

Better Protection

How effective is the 6200 reusable respirator?

With the proper cartridge filters, the 6200 provides 99.97% filter efficiency against particulates like asbestos, mold, and silica as well as gas and vapors when used with the 3M dual airline system.

The respirator will also provide a more secure and snug fit on your face, unlike disposable masks which have more gaps and airways around the outside which can lead breathing in harmful materials.

With adjustable straps, no matter the size of your face or head, you’ll ensure round the clock protection as long as your wearing it.

Less Environmental Impact

Ever ask the question “where do all those disposable masks go?”

While a good portion will end up in landfills, another significant number will end up polluting our oceans for thousands of years.

The environmental impact of disposable masks is truly devastating and it’s been shown through the likes of the coronavirus pandemic. Hoards of medical equipment have filled our oceans and will lead to even worse conditions for our planet and marine life.

The same goes for disposable particulate and dust masks that are used by everyday contractors and homeowners.

A simple fix is to use a reusable mask/respirator mask with disposable cartridges. While the cartridges are also discarded, they will last you much longer.

Which Cartridge Filters Can I Use for The 6200?


The 6200 series is compatible with:

  • 3M Cartridge 6000 Series (both vapors and dust particles)

  • 3M Filters 2000, 2200, 7000 or 5000 Series (for protection against dust particles like asbestos, mold, and silica)

  • 3M Dual Airline Systems (for protection against gases and vapors)

How Do I Know When to Change The Cartridge Filters on The 6200?

If any of the below happen, it’s probably time to change your filters for a new pair…

  • 1.) If you’re having any difficulty breathing with your respirator on, it is more than likely that the cartridge filters have become clogged up with too many particulates

  • 2.) If the cartridges have been damaged in any shape or form (tear, rip, holes, etc.) they will no longer be effective

  • 3.) The cartridges are very dirty, have become discolored, and show signs of too much use

How Much Does The 6200 Half Face piece Cost?

Without the filters, the face piece itself will run you $14.95 on our site.

With the 2091 P100 filters and face piece together, you’ll spend roughly $23 excluding tax and shipping.