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Noise Pollution is a Serious Matter

Studies show that the number one cause for hearing loss is not aging, but noise pollution!

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take much either! Long exposure to just 80+ dB (decibels) could cause permanent hearing loss. How much is 80 dB you may ask? It’s the equivalent of a vacuum cleaner or city traffic.

But vacuumed or walking near rush hour won’t likely burst your eardrums. Most hearing loss cases come from work related incidents.

The simplest solution is wearing a quality set of hearing protectors… That’s where the 3M Digital Worktunes come in.

What Industries Require Hearing Protection?


Anything with heavy construction equipment and tools generally require some sort of ear protection.

According to OSHA, anything 85 decibels and above requires hearing protection.

Here are a few jobs and industries that may exceed the 85 dB requirement:

  • Contractors (Roofing, carpentry, landscaping, electricians, etc)

  • Factory Workers

  • Mechanics and Automotive Work

  • Airports

  • Subway and Rail Work

  • Anything with Powerful Equipment and Machinery

  • Working with Simple Tools Like Saws, Drills, Hammers, Etc.

  • Bouncers and Event Organizers

Avoid Cheap Earplugs and Earbuds in Noisy Conditions


It might be tempting because of the price, but earplugs are cheap and low quality hearing protectors that don’t provide enough protection against noise pollution.

Earplugs are to be used around the home, when you’re trying to fall asleep or get some peace and quiet, not in professional settings.

Most earplugs easily fall out, get lost, and end up polluting the environment.

Investing into a quality ear-muffed headset is a much safer option that will last you much longer.

Another common mistake is for those who use regular music earbuds and try to drown out the outside noise. This provides you with little to no ear protection. Wearing these during a high noise polluted area could leave you with temporary or permanent hearing loss.

What are The Specs on The 3M Hearing Protectors?


While most headsets and ear protection devices just provide basic hearing protection, the 3M model is unique in which it provides round the clock tunes for all day entertainment. Easily change between radio stations or hook up your smartphone for your audio of choice. Essentially, an upgraded version of your favorite BOSE or Beats headset, except this one provides added protection…

  • 24 DB Noise Cancellation – significantly reduces noise pollution and risk of hearing loss

  • AM/FM Radio – with auto scanning and precise tuning

  • Adjustable headband – for one-size fits all

  • Plush Gel Ear Muffs – for increased comfort over the competition

  • Voice Assist Technology – let’s you know your radio station and provides low battery alert

  • Smartphone/Ipod Connect – (3mm auxiliary jack) connects you to your personal music

  • Durable Design and Snug Fit – allows for use even on hardcore jobs

  • Runs on 2 AA Batteries – long lasting and easy to change

What We Like About The Product

Low Battery Alert

Most devices in today’s day and age just shut off without warning. The difference here is that 3M alerts you with a voice command of low battery which lets you know it’s time to put 2 new AA batteries.

Super simple and convenient but a super smart addition by 3M that adds great value.

Noise Quality

Given that most hearing protectors don’t provide music, we have to say that the noise quality on the 3M worktunes is crisp, clear, and well above our original projection.

Connecting your iPhone or iPod is both easy and simple.

And while bluetooth is great, it generally leads to lower noise quality. Sticking to the 3mm auxilary jack means better sound and no loss of connection.


Most would assume wearing something on your head all day would leave you tired and annoyed.

Not these bad boys…

With the plush ear muffs and padded headband, it’s actually comforting. Not to mention the drop in noise level provides a relaxed and loose atmosphere that clears your mind while you work.

What We Think is Missing



The biggest one of them all…

While, we do love the quality that comes out of the auxiliary jack, no one likes wires. They just get in the way and create a safety hazard (depending on the job you’re working).

A simpler solution is to provide a bluetooth connection. Easier to work and manage without any of the trouble brought on by cables and wires.